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When I started seeing Marie, I was just diagnosed with Celiac disease. I knew I had to make choices toward overall health but I was only comfortable with what I knew, and I felt that not a lot of options were available for me. She helped me learn and understand that there are many avenues and options available on my own for healing and has helped me create a sense of security. I feel like it has helped me in most areas of my life, being able to take a step back to observe and listen to myself allowed me to focus on everything as a whole. My anxiety and daily stress have lessened dramatically. Her book, The Body Within LINK, is not only a great read but full of important information on the wonderful option and solution: learning how to help ourselves, feel better, and being able to pass that knowledge on to others.

                                                                                                                -Fanny F.


I chose to try Alternative Medicine when I was so stuck in desperation from vertigo and major pain from my gallbladder being squeezed. When I started this healing process, I had no idea the extent of my life of misalignment and how badly it affected me. Throughout this process, I have had more experiences of tuning into my body and having a better sense of how everything is connected and realizing that somehow my knee could be the cause of my shoulder pain and sometimes even able to help myself stretch it out. This not only helped me physically but because having a stronger intuition requires being calmer, it has improved my entire emotional orientation. It has brought me to wider awareness of energy and intention and being less OCD in the world. When it comes to Marie herself, she is a genius dedicated to living her special mastery and sharing it with the world. In other words, she walks the walk and has the wisdom to share.



I started with Marie because she came very well recommended, but I really wasn’t sure what would happen. I was told she was a miracle worker and I know I needed a miracle! I was in a bad auto accident and told that I had broken my sternum in two places, but wasn’t told until four months after the accident that I had broken my neck, spine, and other severe injuries like a concussion and internal bleeding of my spleen. During my time with Marie, I have come to learn that if you don’t take care of yourself and ask a lot of questions- that the healthcare system doesn’t exactly care. But Marie takes the time to explain how and why everything you feel is happening. The amount this has helped me physically has been immense! I’ve learned to help myself, and by reading her book, I was left wanting even more knowledge.

                                                                                                                -Jill Brown


Making the decision to start with Marie toward total health was easy. I am a Reiki Master and have been striving to heal physically and emotionally. Since I started working with Marie, I understand how big of a role I play in achieving my own healing. Meditation has been very helpful, especially with getting my emotions to cooperate with my healing. Marie supports me and helps me learn what my body needs to feel balanced, evaluate how important the right amount of meditation, exercise, and nutrition is, and being aware of your own contribution toward your total health.



Initially, tapping into the Body Within got me to think differently about family and life in general. It has taught me different techniques to cope with things such as stretching to relieve my body of discomfort, finding ways to eat right, and taking steps to nourish my being, like looking at things differently.

Currently, tapping into the Body Within is helping me find the strength to find what I want to do with my career goals. It has helped me to conclude I am my own master in life. 
It has helped me to become a whole person and effectively balance my life. I was all work 110% of the time, and now I'm more like 60% work and 40% life balance. It has also expanded my vision to look at things differently. An example is how I looked at who I was (afraid and scared) to someone who is more confident and has the ability to learn for more growth. 

                                                                                                                -Pat Quigley


I started seeing Marie after I broke my femur and wanted to regain range of motion. I have since continued, even after my goal was reached because more and more improvement became imaginable and realized.  As an energy practitioner myself, I already had quite a bit of understanding and perspective to recognize Marie’s expertise. Working with Marie has helped me physically and overall energetically. It really helped me make a commitment to strengthening myself physically, which meant I needed to follow through. If you’re looking for a companion for the journey to better health and self-development, read her Volume 1 of her book The Body Within Healing Series. Marie writes in a way that feels like she is talking with you, not at you. There is an invitation to explore.

                                                                                                                -Carol R.


I started seeing Marie because I knew with my process of getting older that I needed to get stronger both physically and mentally. Coming here has put me in touch with that “sense” that I have never felt. I have absolutely learned ways to look at things differently. Situations and people are different. They send different messages and I am able to understand alternate points of view. I can say that I very enthusiastically recommend for everyone to read her book The Body Within also.

                                                                                                                -Michael P.


My reason for seeing Marie, and to start on my journey, was to become healthy with the help of a few practitioners, as well as to become educated on how to heal myself. I now have a much better understanding of health care and how my choices impact most aspects of my health and healing. I have learned so much about healing, but I still feel like I need to learn more. I realize that healing and learning to heal often evolves with new science and new information. This has all helped me physically and spiritually. Marie’s book, The Body Within, is a new experience in how to heal on all levels physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It contains new amazing insight on how to look at our lives and the huge impact our choices make on our lives, our health, our minds, and our future.



I had been on a quest to feel better and fix a variety of issues for many years when I started seeing Marie. I had tried a lot of different modalities for many different reasons. This process has made me realize how powerful my thoughts and words are. The best technique I have found to help myself is the “Mini-Me,” which is from her book, The Body Within. Marie has also helped me to be aware of signs or messages to help me make choices in my healthcare and other aspects of my life. Working with Marie is the first time I have had tangible evidence of alternative healing shifting things for me. Reading her book was the first time I have ever thought about the end of life choices and how to make a smooth transition.



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